According to a recent market report by Technavio, "The growing instances of soy allergies and wheat gluten intolerance across the globe are causing the mycoprotein-based meat substitutes market to grow as more consumers are switching their preferences from soy and wheat to mycoprotein. Soy allergies are common especially among babies and children. Since mycoprotein is a fermented product, it can be easily consumed by people who have soy allergies or gluten intolerance or both."

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The London Economic writes that Quorn has "registered its entire Vegan Range with the Vegan Trademark," giving "extra credibility and assurance to consumers avoiding animal ingredients." George Gill, Chief Executive of The Vegan Society: "Quorn’s newly-registered vegan products are already being enjoyed by vegans in the UK and abroad, and by clearly labeling them the company makes sure it is widely known that its products are suitable for everyone."

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We recently settled a case over the labeling of our food products.

This was a difficult decision, as we firmly believe the facts are on our side in this matter. But as a business, we must always make judgments that are in the best interests of the company. And after careful consideration, to avoid further distractions, we determined settling was the right course of action.

We take transparency seriously at Quorn. It’s why we have some of the most descriptive labels of any other food product on the market today.

We do this willingly, to ensure consumers understand the ingredients in our products – which have helped millions around the world live healthy by enjoying the great taste of meat in a sustainable way for over 30 years.

We, of course, are always looking to improve on this commitment. Since our inception, we’ve made several enhancements to our labels to further clarify the unique, nutritious, high protein contents in our foods, ensuring consumers have the information they need when choosing our products.

Our business has grown to 16 countries, and we recently celebrated over three billion meals sold. We’re proud of these achievements, and are grateful for the tremendous reception our products have received across the globe.

But we’re just getting started. And our focus will remain where it’s always been -- producing healthy foods that help our environment, an important mission we will continue to advance for decades to come.

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