Daily Beast Misleads, Withholds Important Quorn Facts From Readers

We Don’t Hide Fungi / Mold In Our Products … We State It Clearly On Our Packaging!

Daily Beast readers are right to wonder why the outlet would conceal relevant facts regarding the potential hidden motivations of a long-standing Quorn Foods’ opponent, one prominently featured in a recent story about our company.  It’s puzzling, because our company provided these facts to reporter Abby Haglage well in advance of publication. 

The Daily Beast asked us to respond to claims about our company, including those by the food alarmists at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). So we pointed out that CSPI had long been circulating misguided allegations about our company, and we cited specific facts addressing the group’s potential motivation for doing so – namely, CSPI’s questionable relationship with the soy industry, a competing ingredient.  We also provided a wealth of data and other information reaffirming the safety of our products. (Click here to see the email we sent to Ms. Haglage.) 

The Daily Beast used none of this information.  Instead, CSPI’s claims were uncontested in over six straight paragraphs in the article.  And in the 1000+ word story overall, only a brief reference, buried at the end, is made to our statement regarding a recent misguided lawsuit filed in California, claims against which we plan to mount a vigorous legal defense. 

What’s more, the premise of the entire article – that we conceal fungi / mold in our products, and that the ingredient is somehow “dangerous” – is entirely false.   We state all of our ingredients clearly on our packaging. And fungi / mold can be found in any number of foods people have been safely eating for years, including the “blue” in blue cheese.  The Daily Beast failed to point out any of these facts to readers.

Perhaps the single-most compelling reason to question the article’s intent is the description at the top referring to our products – “disgusting” – highlighted in red, bold capital letters for apparent added drama. That’s hardly the view millions of our satisfied customers around the world have of our products. (Nor is it a term any responsible news organization would use to objectively characterize our company.)

(We’re curious, too, why the New York-based writer contacted our London office after 8pm local time last Friday, requesting we respond to her questions by midnight that evening for this story.  For this non time-sensitive subject matter, one she had clearly spent days researching, we’re surprised she didn’t give us more time to respond, or reach out to our U.S. headquarters in Chicago, IL.)

Readers expect the Daily Beast to report all of the facts – and present them fairly. For a complete view of our products, please visit Quorn.US and QuornFacts.com.