Quorn “Categorically Rejects” Inaccurate, Unsubstantiated Claims in California Lawsuit

The people at Quorn Foods join families everywhere in expressing our deepest sympathy over the tragic passing of Miles Bengco in June 2013. However, we categorically reject the claims made by attorneys representing the Bengco family that our products were in any way associated with this tragic event.

We were first was made aware of the death nearly two years ago, in July of 2013. Since that time, we have worked with the family and their counsel to better understand the details of what transpired. Although we are not able to comment on many of the details of the lawsuit at this point, the attempt to blame the child’s death on his ingestion of Mycoprotein, Quorn’s key ingredient, is inaccurate and unsubstantiated. The lawsuit omits or actively attempts to downplay several critical facts:

  • The L.A. County Medical Examiner concluded, after a lengthy investigation, that Miles died from an asthma attack.
  • According to the Autopsy Report, Miles suffered from “poorly-controlled” asthma so severe that it caused him to be hospitalized on at least ten separate occasions throughout his young life—all prior to the attack that wound up claiming his life.
  • Miles required several asthma-maintenance medications to keep his condition reasonably under control. But notwithstanding the seriousness of Miles’ condition, according to the Autopsy Report, the child had not been receiving any medication one month prior to his death, and was placed on an “organic diet” in lieu of medicine.
  • Quorn product’s safety has been validated by the world’s most stringent food safety regulators.

These include, among others, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the UK Food Standards Agency. And since 1985, over three billion meals have been sold – with no associated fatalities whatsoever.

With the help of third-party scientific and medical experts, Quorn Foods has consistently undertaken genuine, critical assessments of our products and any consumer issues that arise. Likewise, we have taken a nearly two-year, hard and honest look at the claims made here. We sympathize with the Bengco family and the tragic loss that they have endured, but the attempt to ameliorate this tragedy by way of a lawsuit against Quorn Foods is misguided. We will, vigorously defend our company, and the safety of our products, against these allegations.