Study Suggests Mycoprotein May Help Combat Obesity, Type-2 Diabetes

The Nutrition and Dietetic Research Group at Imperial College London, led by Prof Gary Frost, today published findings that show QuornTM mycoprotein to reduce energy intake and to improve overall pancreatic function in healthy overweight and obese individuals. These findings suggest that Quorn mycoprotein may be well placed to play a role in the fight against obesity and type-2 diabetes, both public health issues of increasing global concern in developed and developing countries. Dr Jeanne Bottin, the lead researcher who carried out the study commented “Quorn mycoprotein has a unique combination of protein and fibre, which is thought to be the reason behind its beneficial effects on health. Although the precise causal mechanism remains the topic of further research, our results show that Quorn mycoprotein may be a great nutritional asset as part of a healthy lifestyle.” 

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